Physostegia virginiana spp. speciosa Variegata


Light green leaves whose margins have broad creamy-white colouring. Spikes of soft lavender-pink flowers appear in summer…

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An upright, bushy, deciduous, herbaceous, perennial plant with light green leaves whose margins have broad creamy-white colouring. Spikes of soft lavender-pink flowers appear in summer and sometimes through into autumn. The decorative flower spikes make good cut flowers. Physostegia virginiana spp. speciosa Variegata is less invasive than other varieties making a large clump. It prefers rich, moist soil and will tolerate marginal, wet conditions beside a stream or pond.  Attractive to butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

The common of “Obedient Plant” name comes from the fact that you can push individual flowers to one side where they remain. This novel behaviour always tempts us to move a flower or two whenever we pass by!

This plant is very versatile, performing best in full sun to partial shade. It thrives in both dry and moist locations, and grows well in most garden conditions. In the autumn, Physotegia virginiana spp. speciosa Variegata dies down, cut it back for neatness and new shoots will come in the spring. It is not particular as to soil type or pH and is highly tolerant of pollution and will even thrive in inner city environments with heavily polluted air.

A hardy plant which should survive normal winter conditions outside, especially with protection from the hardest frosts. If grown in pots it is recommended to place in a sheltered position for the winter.

More Details:

Family: Lamiaceae 
Syn: Dracocephalum denticulatum, Dracocephalum formosius, Dracocephalum virginianum, Physostegia denticulata, Physostegia formosior, Physostegia speciosa, Physostegia virginiana var. elongata, Physostegia virginiana var. formosior, Physostegia virginiana var. granulosa
Common Name: Obedient Plant
Native: North America
Height x Spread: 100cm x 60cm (39″ x 24″)
Soil Type: Well Drained
Soil pH: Neutral
Aspect: Sun, Semi Shade
UK Hardiness: Hardy (Mulch in winter in exposed situations)
Flowering Time: June, July, August
Flower Colour: Pink
Foliage Colour: Green with White Variegation


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