Thyme x Citriodorus Mystic ‘Lemon Thyme’


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Thyme x Citriodorus Mystic ‘Lemon Thyme’ is an easy to grow, compact, busy, mound forming culinary thyme not only adds a wonderful lemony-thyme flavour to dishes but it is also very attractive. The small oval to lance shaped evergreen, dark green leaves have creamy margins. The leaves may become fully green if grown in shady conditions. The leaves can be used in stews, salads, soups, meat & fish dishes. In small quantities they add an interesting additional flavour to some herbal teas. It produces small lavender-pink flowers from early summer onwards. The flowers are very attractive to bees and butterflies.

It grows in most situations but performs best in well drained sandy or rocky soils in full sun. It is an attractive, valuable plant to grow with other herbs in pots or around the edge of planters containing taller plants in the centre. Rarely suffering from pests or diseases Lemon Thyme is a valuable plant for rockeries, kitchen gardens, edging paths and patios. It is resistant to grazing from deer and rabbits.

A hardy plant which should survive normal winter conditions outside, especially with protection from the hardest frosts. If grown in pots it is recommended to place in a sheltered position for the winter.

More Details:

Family: Lamiaceae 
Syn: Thymus x Citriodorus Mystic ‘Lemon Thyme’
Common Name: Lemon Thyme, Citrus Thyme
Native:  Widespread – temperate regions in Europe, North Africa and Asia
Height x Spread: 30cm x 60cm (12″ x 24″)
Soil Type:  Well Drained
Soil pH: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral
Aspect: Sunny
UK Hardiness: Hardy
Flowering Time: June, July, August, September
Flower Colour: Lilac Blue
Foliage Colour: Green with cream variegation


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