Sempervivum Reginae Amaliae


Rosettes of lime green to blue-grey-green fleshy leaves which may turn pink or red. In summer it has pink-red flowers…

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Sempervivum Reginae Amaliae forms very regimented tight but open rosettes of lime green to blue-grey-green fleshy leaves depending on the season and soil. In some conditions, the rosettes may turn pink or red. In summer it has pink-red flowers. After flowering that rosette dies but it is normally quickly replaced by offsets. The rosettes are regularly produced so a mat quickly forms. In the wild it grows in cracks in limestone rocks.

A hardy plant which should survive normal winter conditions outside, especially in well drained soil with protection from winter wet. If grown in pots it is recommended to place in a sheltered position for the winter.

Supplied in a 7cm square pot.

More Details:

FAMILY: Crassulaceae 
SYNONYMS: Sempervivum marmoreum
COMMON NAME: Houseleek, Hens and Chicks
NATIVE: Kambeecho, Greece
HEIGHT: 12 cm (5″)
SPREAD: 20cm (8″)
SOIL TYPE: All, prefers a poor, well drained soil, chalk, loam, sand
SOIL PH: Neutral, Alkaline
ASPECT: Sun, part shade
FLOWERING TIME:  Spring, Summer
PESTS: Pest resistant though look out for vine weevil and sempervivum leaf miner

Sempervivum Reginae Amaliae from above
Photo taken 08/03/2023


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