Coco Boost Multi Purpose Compost 75L

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A 100% natural, multi purpose  compost. Each 5kg block makes 75 Litres of premium compost when 20 Litres of water is added.

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Coco Boost is a 100% natural, all purpose, peat free, coir compost, with balanced plant food. It is suitable for all plants except Ericaceous (lime hating) plants. Each 5kg block makes 75 Litres of premium compost when c20 Litres of water is added. Simply put the block of compressed coir (coconut fibre) compost into a suitable container (we find a wheelbarrow is ideal) and add 20 litres of water, leaving it for 20-30 minutes. Once the water has been absorbed fluff it up with a hand fork and it is ready to use. If any hard lumps remain, add a little more water and they will soon disappear.

Coco Boost is a sustainable, peat free, pH balances, 100% natural all-purpose compost with added NPK slow-release fertiliser that feeds for up to 6 months. It has been independently tested and shown to outperform leading brands including both peat based and peat free composts.  Added dry, the fertiliser doesn’t start to degrade until the compost is rehydrated, unlike ready to use compost, where nutritional value available for plants varies dramatically and starts to degrade immediately.

Coco Boost compost helps develop healthy foliage, strong root development and fantastic flower and fruit performance. It is also the environmentally friendly choice being peat free, using sustainable and organic coir made from coco coir fibre.

Green Credentials:

Turn your green fingers into a greener planet! The manufacturers of Coco Boost Multi Purpose compost are Eco Aware and take their social responsibility seriously. They donate a percentage of the profits from every sale of Coco Boost to, a NGO who have worked for over 40 years to improve conditions for India’s underprivileged children. You can find out more about the work of CRY Here. They are also Carbon Neutral, certified to PAS 2060.

Supplied in a strong cardboard box which can re re-used or recycled. No plastic is used in the packaging. Please note packaging may vary from photo.

Key Points:

  • Perfect for potting up young plants and growing them on
  • Use for all containers, pots and hanging baskets
  • Suitable for all outdoor and indoor plants, except for ericaceous or lime-hating plants
  • Excellent aeration, drainage and moisture retention for promoting strong root growth
  • Encourages beneficial plant microbes, and is pH and nutrient balanced
  • Added plant nutrients (NPK) feeds plants for up to 6 months
  • Packed with essential trace elements
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Supports charity

Our Experience:

We have been struggling to source a reliable, consistent, peat free compost (we all know the issues surrounding the use of peat in horticulture) and have spent a year trialling different makes and blends. We have found Coco Boost consistently deliver excellent results. Not only do our plants flourish in it, coco boost is clean to use and easy to re-wet if it dries out. We are moving to using coco boost for the majority of our plants and as a base for our own compost mixes for specialist plants (alpines, etc).

One box produces enough compost to fill:

  • 50 x 15cm pots
  • 11 x 25cm pots
  • 11 x 30cm hanging baskets


Size: 75L
Dimensions(cm): H:31 x W:15 x L:31
Weight: 5kg
Pack Qty: 1

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